Attention! We make all products only according to your individual spoilage.

9 layers of protection

1. Protective varnish

2. Polymer coating

3. Passivation layer

4. A coat of primer

5. Zinc coating

6. Steel sheet

7. Passivation layer

8. Zinc coating

9. A coat of primer

Metal profile 0.5 mm

Different color

RAL: 1015 - Light ivory                                              RAL: 5010 - Blue                                   RAL: 3009 - Oxide red
RAL: 7016 - Grey anthracite                                RAL: 8017 - Brown chocolate                        RAL: 9002 - Gray-white
RAL: 9006 - White-aluminum                           RAL: 9007 - Grey-aluminium          «Golden oak»* more expensive on 60%
The most modern fences, blinds, picket fence, horizontal profile "ranch" and pergolas will produce in the shortest possible time according to your size

Most home owners are wondering which fence for the site is the best. 

Currently, the fence blinds and profile "ranch", are a hit in most countries.

Unusual design, high quality and durability attract more and more attention to such products. 

The fence is a construction of various metal profiles.

Depending on the shape and location of the slat fences have different designs, such as "Blinds", "blinds herringbone", "Ranch" and others.

Most designs allow light to penetrate the fence, which has a positive effect on both the plants and the overall atmosphere.

Advantages of our fences:

Attractive appearance. We produce metal fences with different textures and colors;

Reasonable price. 

Long service life. The average duration is about 30 years. As a rule, such a fence does not require additional maintenance during this time;

It has good sound insulation. Despite the fact that the slats do not stick to each other, this does not prevent them from "holding" the noise and partially absorbing it;

Easy to install and disassemble the product. It is easy to install it by yourself without the help of experts.

Maintainability. If damaged, it is easy to change one or more inexpensive items.


It is important to note that such designs should be applied in the following situations:

The desire to see what is happening outside the territory. It is especially advisable to use when a child or pet walks behind a fence;

The classic fence "Blinds" allows you to see what is beyond the territory. Outside, the "Blinds" are not visible at all.

When the fenced object or and residential building is in a swampy area. For such a site it is important to dry the soil;

Terrain with high humidity. Through not continuous fence air circulates and does not stagnate;

Plot with densely planted trees and shrubs. The penetration of light and air will allow plants and trees to bear fruit.


When there is a need to divide the territory so that the fence is not visible in both directions, but not to disrupt the air exchange, perfect "blinds herringbone" with a symmetrical profile. This is especially true in small areas.


A variety of products will allow you to pick it up to any stylish design of the house and the site. Often our fences are the centerpiece of the design.

Depending on the location of the slats fences are divided into:

Vertical. Slats "ranch" can be mounted vertically on horizontal logs. This is a classic of fences, and in some cases it is a profitable way to upgrade an old fence when there is already a base, but it is time to replace the old boards with a more modern alternative.


Horizontal: the method of horizontal fastening of slats is gaining popularity. This is the most modern appearance and ease of installation-there is no need for horizontal logs at all. It is cheaper and eliminates the need for welding. Now a small fence can be installed itself over the weekend. They also, like vertical slats, breathe well. 


Once again about advantages:


Originality. Your fence will highlight your site on the background of the rest;

Long service life. Some types of coatings will serve you for 50 years or more;

Benefit. Throughout the life of the fence does not require any financial costs.

Resistance to high temperatures and increased fire resistance;

A variety of colors and textures, which gives the fence an aesthetic and noble look. Thanks to this characteristic it fits harmoniously into any place;

You can order the product in any size, you will pay only for the amount of material that you need; 

Easy and quick installation and dismantling of the product;

Strength. The metal structure will be able to withstand both hurricane and snow drifts, if it is properly installed;

Easy to transport. Metal profiles do not have much weight, as it seems at first glance;

No additional treatment or special protection against fungus, mildew or bacterial environment is required.

Replace the damaged element of the fence can be easily and quickly.

All profiles supplied by us for fences have rolling, people and animals will not be injured because of the sharp edges of the profile. Our products are safe!