Attention! We make all products only according to your individual spoilage.

9 layers of protection

1. Protective varnish

2. Polymer coating

3. Passivation layer

4. A coat of primer

5. Zinc coating

6. Steel sheet

7. Passivation layer

8. Zinc coating

9. A coat of primer

Metal profile 0.5 mm

Different color

RAL: 1015 - Light ivory                                              RAL: 5010 - Blue                                   RAL: 3009 - Oxide red
RAL: 7016 - Grey anthracite                                RAL: 8017 - Brown chocolate                        RAL: 9002 - Gray-white
RAL: 9006 - White-aluminum                           RAL: 9007 - Grey-aluminium          «Golden oak»* more expensive on 60%

Pergolas 25,5 € m2

any height, any panel width up to 2m, dimensions and number of panels are calculated individually.

Garden canopies and pergolas protect from the sun, wind and rain. You can organize a cozy place where you will be comfortable to relax with family or friends, lunch. Also, the pergola can be a protection for the winter garden. Another option of using the gazebo and canopy-the organization of space for guests of the restaurant, the creation of a summer terrace or a free-standing area. There are many additional features that can equip such structures. For example, radio control and bright lighting-with such details, the canopy is relevant in any weather and time of day. All profiles supplied by us for fences have rolling, people and animals will not be injured because of the sharp edges of the profile. Our products are safe!