Attention! We make all products only according to your individual spoilage.

9 layers of protection

1. Protective varnish

2. Polymer coating

3. Passivation layer

4. A coat of primer

5. Zinc coating

6. Steel sheet

7. Passivation layer

8. Zinc coating

9. A coat of primer

Metal profile 0.5 mm

Different color

RAL: 1015 - Light ivory                                              RAL: 5010 - Blue                                   RAL: 3009 - Oxide red
RAL: 7016 - Grey anthracite                                RAL: 8017 - Brown chocolate                        RAL: 9002 - Gray-white
RAL: 9006 - White-aluminum                           RAL: 9007 - Grey-aluminium          «Golden oak»* more expensive on 60%

A picket fence EUR 22,5 per m2

any height, any panel width up to 2m, dimensions and number of panels are calculated individually.

Fence "Ranch" perfectly delimit the territory, without interfering with the passage of air and will not close the territory from the sun. You will always see what is happening behind the fence, this is especially important if your children or Pets are outside the territory. In addition, the passage of light does not prevent plants to grow and bear fruit, and good ventilation (ventilation) design prevents the formation of mold and waterlogging areas.

Stylish, unusual and modern appearance, will favorably distinguish your site from the rest, and the high resistance of the structure to harsh climatic conditions will preserve this beauty for decades, without bringing the owner absolutely no trouble.

A variety of colors and textures will allow fences "Ranch" harmoniously fit into any landscape, and the production of individual sizes will save you from overpayments for excess material, unnecessary operations during installation and from scraps of material.

Vertical arrangement of slats "Ranch" is perfect for lovers of classics. It is also an excellent choice for upgrading old fences that have a good horizontal base, but have lost the appeal of vertical elements.

The horizontal arrangement of lamellas is modern and at the same time easy to install, horizontal logs are not needed at all, there is no need for welding, only vertical columns are enough. Mount profiles "Ranch" can be both on top of the pillars, while obtaining an "infinite" profile, and between the pillars, putting the slats in the supplied us " P " - shaped profile. This reduces the requirements for the accuracy of the installation of posts. It is more expedient to order slats for 2 cm shorter than the size of the span, and the shelves of the " P " - shaped profile will hide the deviations of the installation of the post. You can install such a fence yourself over the weekend.

And profile system "ranch" the most budget. 

Modern strong and durable fencing, it is not expensive!

All profiles supplied by us for fences have rolling, people and animals will not be injured because of the sharp edges of the profile. Our products are safe!