Attention! We make all products only according to your individual spoilage.

9 layers of protection

1. Protective varnish

2. Polymer coating

3. Passivation layer

4. A coat of primer

5. Zinc coating

6. Steel sheet

7. Passivation layer

8. Zinc coating

9. A coat of primer

Metal profile 0.5 mm

Different color

RAL: 1015 - Light ivory                                              RAL: 5010 - Blue                                   RAL: 3009 - Oxide red
RAL: 7016 - Grey anthracite                                RAL: 8017 - Brown chocolate                        RAL: 9002 - Gray-white
RAL: 9006 - White-aluminum                           RAL: 9007 - Grey-aluminium          «Golden oak»* more expensive on 60%


1.You can take it yourself order from our workshop

2.We can bring your order to your address.

Payment for delivery:


Outside of Bourgas-the contract.

3.Delivery of courier companies at their prices is possible. So that you can calculate the courier shipping cost in advance, we will do the product weight calculation for you.

Couriers we work with:

- Economy Express

- Speedy . 



The guarantees are described in detail in the production contract. Please read it carefully and do not sign if you do not agree with its provisions.