Attention! We make all products only according to your individual spoilage.

9 layers of protection

1. Protective varnish

2. Polymer coating

3. Passivation layer

4. A coat of primer

5. Zinc coating

6. Steel sheet

7. Passivation layer

8. Zinc coating

9. A coat of primer

Metal profile 0.5 mm

Different color

RAL: 1015 - Light ivory                                              RAL: 5010 - Blue                                   RAL: 3009 - Oxide red
RAL: 7016 - Grey anthracite                                RAL: 8017 - Brown chocolate                        RAL: 9002 - Gray-white
RAL: 9006 - White-aluminum                           RAL: 9007 - Grey-aluminium          «Golden oak»* more expensive on 60%

Become a dealer !

If you work in the field of construction and architecture, or in other industries related to the improvement of houses and plots, we offer you to expand your range or start a business from scratch.

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By purchasing our products, you will receive:

Special prices for all types of fencing.

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staff training on product range

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Special conditions with constant cooperation

The geography of distribution of the dealer program is possible in any country and in any language


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Teams to install fences 


For the installation of fences in Bulgaria require teams of builders. 

We offer works on installation of metal fences of our production.

All technical questions of installation of a fence and questions of payment are solved directly between the contractor and the customer. Cooperating with us you will regularly receive orders for installations.